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Before we start with understanding what is “Sakata Yoga”? Vipareeta Raja Yoga is one of the most perplexing raja yogas of Vedic Astrology.
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Suppose one with Sakata Yoga is doing business in this life, he should be advised not to cheat others. If Yoga Bhanga occurs, then he should have spent money for charity. So this can also be a remedy in this life. Why Gauri and Shiva? Guru for Gauri and Moon for Shiva. Aadama Yoga Sun and Moon in Kendra 4, 7 and 10 to each other not conjoined. He cannot get money, vehicle and education. It came because of neglecting parents. If Jupiter is aspecting the Moon then it is yoga Bhanga. Remedy: Amavasya fasting, Til Homam Til — sesame seeds. Sama Yoga Moon in 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th from Sun.

Results: Like previous yoga but less effect. Taking care of parents for some time and then neglecting them. Above one was neglecting parents completely, here he takes care of them for some time. Remedy: Fasting on Amavasya. Varishta Yoga This is a benefic yoga.

Moon is 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th from Sun. Getting education, money and vehicle. The bad things of Aadama yoga are not there. Though he is away from parents — out station, he still helps the parents directly. Having wealth in his own house, gave Daan charity , performed Dharma and received blessings of Dharma Devata. Amala Yoga Benefics in 10th to Lagna or Moon. Owner of lands, children, fame. Why did he get the yoga? In past life he helped start business for others.

His motto and aim is that others should come up in life. There is no Bhanga for this but if a malefic is also there, then it is reduced. It came because for Vishnu Temple, the person offered Pushpa Daan flowers and service to the temple. Subhamala Yoga All planets in 5th, 6th, 7th to Asc. Results are that he becomes a man of authority, has a good wife and children. This Yoga came from treating everybody equal and not doing any harm. Asubhamala Yoga All planets in 6th, 8th, 12th to Asc.

Durmarga: evil minded fellow, causing trouble and pain to others, ungrateful person, trying to make trouble between people. This yoga came because, in spite of having lot of property, the person did not do charity and dharma work and was only interested in making money, injuring the wife, taking father-in-laws property. Lakshmi Yoga 9th lord and Venus are in own house or exaltation, in kendra or trikona. Nitya mangalam, arogayam, wealth, good life.

In past life, without fail every Friday he did Lakshmi Pooja in the house and served Sumangalis. Gauri Yoga Moon exaltation, own house or kendra trikona and aspected by Dhanakaraka wealth significator Jupiter. Nice body, good character equal to a King. Fasting every Monday and in the evening going to Parvati Parmesharwaram Temple and serving Shiva Shakti devotees, got this yoga for him in this life.

Saraswati Yoga Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in kendra or 2nd house with Jupiter in own house or exaltation. Highly intellectual, mathematical knowledge, drama, world famous and praised by everybody. Came from supporting pundits, constructing education institutions, giving education to students in past life. Srikantha Yoga Lagna Lord, Sun, Moon in kendra trikona in own house or exaltation or in friendly house. Wearing Rudraksha mala, white body fair complexion , complete devotee of Shiva and does not accept other sects.

Serving Shiva devotees he will reach Shiva Pada without rebirth. Sri Naga Yoga Venus, 9th lord, Mercury in Asc, kendra or trikona, in own house or exaltation or friendly house. Very intelligent, clever talker, recitation of puranic stories, giving lectures.

This man is totally Vishnu Bhakta; he will reach the Parama Padam without next birth. He will be very intellectual, vaidicka karma; he will do religious activity, good wife, children, name and fame. He was taking care of Veda Brahmins who were involved in ritual things; he got the blessings of Brahma Deva. Asubha Parivartana 12th lord in any one of the houses but that house lord is in the 12th, same way for 6th and 8th Lords.

The person is paapi, with wavering mind, whenever he starts work there will be problems, separating good families, making wife to suffer, giving troubles to the neighbors etc. Sama Parivartana 3L in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11 removing houses 3, 6, 8 and 12 and that house lord going in 3rd house. In past life, sometimes he spoke good words, sometimes bad words; sometimes he had a good life, sometimes difficult life, and so on in this way.

Remedy: Doing Kula Devata family diety Pooja every year. Maha Parivartana Yoga Parivartana exchange between any two of houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and Blessings of goddess Lakshmi, jewelry, good children, did not think bad of others, showed affection to everybody, gave free medical help or aid to others. Kakala Yoga Dispositor of either Lagna lord or dispositor of 7th lord should be in a trikona or kendra, which should be his own house or exaltation. Will have good children. Steady finance, comfort.

It came because of providing free marriages for others and helping needy people. The blessings of Parvati Parmeshara have come in this life. Now, if the Lord creating this yoga is vakri, we can expect the native to carry on with these activities in this life. Sangha Yoga 9th and 10th lords need to be in Kendra or trikona to Lagna. Lot of wealth, native not only built a temple he also took care of it. Dhama Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 6 Rashis from Asc. Helpful person, sacrificing tendencies, in last life he was faithful to the king.

Pasa Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 5 Rasis from Lagna. Enjoying life, individuality, lot of relatives, last life he has taken care of relatives. Kedara Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 4 Rasis from Lagna. Lot of wealth, landed properties. Last Life got profit and spent for Dharma. Shoola Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 3 Rasis to Lagna. Angry temperament, hurting others, poor. Last life did badhaka sins like murder, etc. Interestingly, there are areas in India where this pooja is popularly performed — somehow, people are attracted to doing it while in other areas, it is completely unknown.

Yuga Yoga All 7 planets are placed in 2 Rasis to Lagna. Effect in this life is spendthrift, cannot hold on to cash. In last life, whatever he has earned he has miserly kept for himself. A person who is a miser should do Food donation. Gola Yoga All 7 planets in one Rasi. Poor, Mandha Buddhi.

In last life not taking care of the family, he became fake sanyasi and left away. Shamaha Yoga Asc should have a benefic and Asc Lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or He will grow daily like the waxing Moon, he will get blessings of Lakshmi. In last life, he did 9 Fridays Lakshmi Pooja. Dhehnu Yoga Same way, 2nd house having a benefic and 2nd lord should be in own house, exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or He will live like a King, will know all arts. Last life he was worshipping cows and giving greens to cows.

Souri Yoga 3rd House having a benefic and 3rd lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or Name, fame and love from brothers. In last life, like Lakshmana to Rama, he did service to his brother. In this life, like Krishna praising Balarama His elder brother , your younger brother will praise him. Jaladi Yoga 4th House having a benefic and 4th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or Get all the comforts of life, praised by the King, keeping drinking water shed for people digging well.

In last life, mother was left by father and he has taken care of her. Sastra Yoga 5th House having a benefic and 5th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or Good family, children, like a minister he gives good advice to people. In last life, he had built an orphanage, taking care of children; for this he got Dharma Devata blessings. Astra Yoga 6th house having a benefic and 6th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or He will win over all enemies, body has scars or some kind of injury, wins debates.

In last life he has treated enemies as friends. Kama Yoga 7th house having a benefic and 7th lord should be in own house or exalted and that should not be in houses 6, 8 or Chart No 3. Above are given two chart-,— illustrative of Gajakesan Yoga. Lagna is Scorpio, hence benefic lords are the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter. Malefics are Mercury and Venus. Neutrals are Mars and Saturn. Both the Moon and Jupiter are beneficially dis- posed and as Jupiter gets more units he will fulfil the larger part of the blessings of the yoga.

The extent of the results depends upon the residential strength. Note the con- centration of 5 planets in the 2nd from the Moon causing a Sunapha Yoga. The yoga is practically defunct because all the evil forces have been focussed on it. The Sun is in debility, with Kethu aspected by Saturn and Rahu. Compare this horoscope with Chart No. Venus is a yogakaraka and his having caused Sunapha has fortified the financial position of the native.

Note that Sunapha has much influence on the financial prosperity or adversity of a person. V ; Long. In later life renunciation and austerity. The remarks made for Sunapha apply to this also with slight variation. Lagna Rahu at a. The Anapha is caused by the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th from the Moon. Note also the fact that the 12th has reference to moksha so that the native would cultivate an outlook of detachment for wordly things in his later years.

He will be blessed with much wealth and conveyances. This of course does not apply to strictly Parivraja Yogas. Many varieties of Surtapha, Anapha and Durdhura are formed by permuta- tions and combinations of the five planets and their results should be particularly noted. If Mars is in the 2nd and Mercury is in the 12th a kind of Dhurdhura is formed.

Similarly Mars in the 12th and Mercury in the 2nd gives rise to another kind and Jupiter in the 2nd and Mercury in the 12th gives rise to j-et another type though all these go under the name of Dhurdhura. Each conjunc- tion in these permutations produces different results. To give a simple illustration take Mars in the 2nd in Capricorn where he is exalted and Jupiter in the 12th in Scorpio in a friendly sign. Now take Jupiter in the 2nd debilitated and Mars in the 12th in his own house.

Would the results in both cases be the same? All these permuta- tions must be carefully analysed. There will be 31 varieties of Sunapha, and an equal number of Anapha combinations and there are something like varieties of Dhurdhura. Suryanarain Rao. The Moon is exalted m Taurus, Saturn is m the 12th and Venus is in the hid.

Saturn is Neecha hut there is Neechabhanga. Prom Chandra Saturn is a yogakaraka, The results of the yoga may find expression m a large measure m Sani Dasa particularly in Sukru Bhukthi. Varahamihira adds emphasis by saying that when persons born m royal families are subjected to such degradations much more of these unfoitunate results must be predicted than m the case of persons born m ordinary families.

Jupitei i Navvmvs Venus Sun Mars! The above is a typically Kemadiuma Yoga horoscope. One has to cater to the baser needs ol man, but when the Moon and Mats are well disposed, the earnings will be through other approved means. The yoga is saul to arise by the assoc ia- tions of Mars and the Moon but I feci that the yoga will also be formed if the Moon and Mais are m mutual aspect. Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio.

Take the Moon in Ounce r and Mars in Capricorn. The combination can be productive of good if it occurs in the 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house. Long, shivu 20s. Lagna j IRShu! But Varahamihira and that section of Astrologers do not seem to favour sue a classification. Bhattotpala, the erudite con J mentator of the writings of Varahamihira sugges the existence of Papadhi Yoga.

If there is one planet in full strength in any one of these signs, that person becomes a leader. If there are two, he will be a minister and if there are three he will occupy a more eminent station in life.

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If all the three benefics, devoid of strength, are in the three signs, above mentioned, then also Adhi Yoga will be present but the influence it exerts would indeed be feeble. Adhi Yoga may be considered as a Raja Yoga or almost its equivalent. The Adhi Yoga is fairly powerful in Chart No. Note also the presence of Gajakesari as Jupiter -s exalted in a kendra from the Moon. Thus Jupiter has given rise to two yogas.

Kethu Moon Mars 1 1 1 Rasi K. Here also the Adhi Yoga is fairly powerful, Venus and Jupiter occupying the 7th and 8th from the Moon. Evidently Venus is more powerful as, though he is Neecha he is exalted in Navamsa, while Jupiter is in an inimical house. The four angles in a horoscope are like the four falls of a building.

The results should not be applied literally. Planets in the 10th kendra are more powerful than those in the 7th ; those in the 7th are more powerful than in the 4th and those in the fourth are more powerful than those in the 1st though Lagna Kendra is an exception. In ascribing results to the Dasas, the usual considerations such as a planet being a benefic or malefic lord, etc. Chatussagara Yoga contributes considerable financial soundness and good name to the person irrespective of the fact whether or not one is a ruler.

Sun Venus Saturn Mars! Suryanarayana Rio. Note all the kendras are occupied. He was a man of great self-respect, held a decent position as a Dewan, a great yogee and knew well eight languages. The Vasu- mathi resulting from the Lagna seems to have more influence than the one formed with reference to the Moon. By implication it also means that two benefics will give less wealth while only one benefic will give ordinary wealth.

If the upa- chayas happen to be exaltation places, the yoga becomes extremely powerful while the reverse holds good in case the upachayas happen to be debilitation places. When counted from the Moon all the four upachayas cannot be occupied because there will be only three benefics left. The authorities are silent on the matter and they simply say that the upachayas should be occupied.

In all such planetary combinations, one must be very careful in assessing the real strength of a yoga and if its results have already been comprehended by some ocher more powerful yogas. It will be seen that purely Vasumathi Yogas are a rare occurrence. You will find very few examples in which benefics are in all the upachayas. In Chart No. A purely beneficial Vasumathi Yoga cannot occur in as much as, in very rare instances all the four upachayas can be occupied.

However, the yoga seems to contribute Adrishta or luck in such a way that the person can command respect, dignity and regard. One need not necessarily be a king to inherit all the virtues, for all kings are not virtuous. Personalities are strokes of luck which many will not have and which many covet. Chapter No. But owing to the association of the Moon with Saturn and the predominance of Saturnine in- fluence both on the Moon and the Lagna for the physical appearance, the blessings of this yoga have fully manifested otherwise.

He is afraid of being cheated, swindled and robbed. In all these cases, the person will not only have fears from cheats, rogues and thieves but he will also have huge material losses. The combi- nations pertaining to this Yoga are to be found in almost all horoscopes, so that we are all guilty of cheating and being cheated each other in some form or other. It is a tragedy of our social life that a merchant minting millions at the cost of the poor is left scot-free while the poor, committing theft in the face of poverty and want, is booked by law.

Cheating is practised in a wonderful variety of ways. Fertile brains find countless methods to cheat their associates. The merchants have various ways of cheating their clients. The lawyer is equally successful.

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The medical man commands many ways to defraud his patients. Gulika is considered as the son of Sani and his position is to be carefully fixed in the Zodiac. The Yoga given above refers to persons who will be the victims of fraud but the same combination can also be extended to apply to those who perpet- rate of the deeds. Lagna Moon Nava msa Rahu t! In this horoscope, you will see that lord of Lagna is Neecha and he is with Kethu aspected by Rahu. The Lagna is occupied by the Sun. The native is always afraid that he will be cheated and defrauded.

Naturally he is nervous and extremely sensitive, miserly and very cautious. He adopts towards others the same suspicious behaviour, that, he thinks others adopt towards him. This is a typical horoscope. He will be ordinary and insignificant. He will suffer from proverty, privation and misery.

He will be stubborn and hated by relatives. The great Parasara and Varahamihira say that when all the planets are in the 1st and 7th, Sakata is caused. On the contrary, the definition given above appears more reasonable inasmuch as the Yoga is generated by the Moon occupying the three Dustbanas from the greatest benefic Jupiter thus obstructing the free flow of fortune ; but it is also open to objection as will be seen from the following observations : — In the large number of horoscopes examined by me I have been able to mark that Sakata Yoga has' not really made the natives poor and wretched but often the degree of poverty and wretchedness has been nominal.

The periods of mis- fortune will accord with the times of transits in malefic rasis, viz. In other words, every time Moon transits the 6th, 8th and 12th from the radical Jupiter, the effects of Sakata are realised. According to the definition given above, Sakata is caused by the Moon being placed in the 6th or 8th or 12th from Jupiter. His character will be spotless and he will lead a prosperous life. Some benefic planet must occupy the 10th from Lagna or the Moon to cause Amala. If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused.

But yet on the strength of the dictum i-pT I i! Amala means pure and when the Yoga is present, prosperity and affluence will be achieved through fair means while a malefic , whilst giving wealth may make the means question- able. After all, the end justifies the means accord- ing to some and therefore, Amala makes one scrupulous as to the means he employs for earning while a malefic in the 10th while no doubt good in its own way, as causing wealth to come, would not make one famous or a man of character.

Lagna Jupiter Rafou Navamsa - - Mer. Eahu i Mars : — — Lagna 1 1 Venus i Moon! Rahu Mer. Amala is prominently marked by the presence of Venus in the 10th from Lagna and Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon. Venus as karaka of Amalayoga proved very beneficial to the native. This combination goes under the name of Parvata Yoga. He will be passionate also. Thus, three sets of combi- nations are comprehended — i a Benefics should be in Kendras, and 6th and 8th must be free. Strangely enough, for Kumbha Lagna, the definition mentioned in item c supra cannot hold good in asmuch as the lord of the 12th and the Lagna happen to be Saturn.

Instead of the 6th and 8th being occupied by benefics, it is better they are entirely free, in which case, the native will be free from the machina- tions of enemies and debts. Its presence, no doubt, adds to making the person an entity within a limited circle. The Yoga does not seem to contribute much to political power. One may become a District Board member or a Municipal Commissioner. But it seems to have capacity enough to add financial stability. An appropriate and intelli- gent interpretation o; K. Kahala Yoga is also caused when the 4th lord is exalted or in his own house being conjoined ith or aspected by the lord or the iGih.

Both the definitions of Kahala Yoga mentioned above assume the strength of Lagna, the 4th and 9th. He is in a Kendra and the Lord of lagna is in the 4th fairly strongly disposed. But Jupiter aspecting lord of lagna takes away much of the evil aspect of the Yoga. If malefics occupy the second from the Sun, papavesi is caused while subhavesi is given rise to by the presence of benefic planets.

The degree of the yoga to do good or bad depends to a large extent upon the Sun and the planets causing the Yoga. The results given above are for Subhavesi yoga. Obviously quite the reverse holds good in case of papavesi. Obviously, if more than one planet causes the Yoga, one of the planets being a malefic, say Saturn, the good influences have to be sufficiently moderated. Thus it will be seen that proper interpretation of a Yoga is not a joke. It demands on the part of the astrologer great analytical powers and a thorough acquaintance with the technicalities of the subject.

Out of the Yogakarakas, Mars is the least powerful inasmuch as he is removed from the Sun by nearly 29 degrees while Mercury and Venus alone can function as Yogakarakas. If malefics are present in the 12th, the results will be quite the reverse. The explanations given for the previous Yoga apply to this as well as to the next Yoga. He will have well proportioned limbs, will take delight in everything, will be liked by all, wealthy and famous.

Obviously, these Solar Yogas cannot be compared in their eminence to Raja- yogas.

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Some- times the Solar Yogas may be merged into other more important Dhana or Raja Yogas with the result their interpretation is always subject to a closer analysis of the more powerful combinations obtaining in the horoscope. He will possess a handsome body; he will be liked by others he will be righteous in disposition and pure in mind. Varahamihira has extolled these five combinations in his Brihat Samhita. Hamsa Yoga is caused if J upiter is in a Kendra which should be identical with his own sign Swakshetra or the sign in which he gets exalted.

In other words, Hamsa Yoga is possible in respect of all common and the movable signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn. The assumption here is that Lagna is also a Kendra or Quadrant. The strength of the Yoga is dependent as usual on the strength of Lagna and J upiter and in which Kendra he is disposed. Obviously, the tenth Kendra is the most powerful. The ownership of Kendra by Jupiter is not desirable but when Hamsa Yoga is present, the general principle loses its significance. Hamsa Yoga should be very carefully interpreted, as it is supposed to produce a man of sterling character and immense moral fibre.

Jupiter Sun Mer. But still the native is neither a King nor a high personality. The reason is obvious. But still Jupiter is capable of giving rise to the results of Hamsa Yoga to a good extent in his Dasa. The native has a good personality, good-tempered and liked by his associates. Venus Met. Hamsa Yoga has resulted on account of the disposition of Guru in his own sign in 10th from Lagna. The 10th is the most powerful Kendra and Jupiter is in conjunction with lords of Lagna, 5th and 9th and hence fortified.

He was a well-known figure in Indian Politics and Journalism, self-made and earned good reputation for his sober and balanced views. Rahu un Saturn Venus Navamsa. Here is a typical example of Hamsa Yoga in its full swing. The Lagna is Thula and Jupiter is in a Kendra in exaltation in the 10th house. Naturally, the Yoga has manifested in regard to the 10th house. No wonder the horoscope belongs to a great King of our age. Con- sequently he is to-day the head of the greatest imperial possession, an anachronism with modern concepts of democracy and freedom.

Malavya Yoga cannot occur with reference to every sign of the Zodiac.

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Consistent with the nature of Venus, Malavya Yoga will make one resolute, immensely rich and give him happiness from wife and children and fame and name. Venus is the indicator of conveyances, sensual pleasures, music, dancing, fine arts, luxury and material comforts.

Naturally Malavj'a Yoga renders one inclined towards all the indications of Venus, with the result his spiritual advance- ment and outlook will be in inverse ratio to his material comforts and pleasures. In other words, while both Hamsa and Malavya are Raja Yogas, the former makes one more idealistic, spiritual, broad-minded and selfless while the latter indi- cates love of pleasure, and a predominantly materialistic outlook of life.

Malavya Yoga can manifest in reference to the various Bhavas as given hereunder for persons born in different Lagnas. Seventh house. Tenth house. Fourth house. It may be noted that all these five Yogas going under the special distinction of Panchamaha Yogas, can occur unblemished only in exceptional cases and with regard to the generality of horoscopes, these Yogas will not be of much political value. His character will be questionable. He should be exalted in a Kendra or occupy a Kendra being his own house.

Yogas and Doshas

Birth in movable or fixed signs can give rise to Sasa Yoga by a certain disposition of Saturn. Naturally, common signs are exempted. Saturn is cruel, mean, undignified and sinful and consistent with these characteris- tics, the results of Sasa Yoga should be depicted. In interpreting the Sasa Yoga, due considera- tion should be bestowed on the disposition of the Moon.

Saturn is in the 4th a Kendra in exaltation. The Moon is free from affliction. The Sasa Yoga is powerful inasmuch as it has occurred in the 4th or house of lands, houses, etc. This will make the native more or less equal to a King and his earnings would be by lakhs. Saturn makes the native a great industrialist. He will have a ruddy complexion, attractive body, charitable disposition, wealthy, long-lived and leader of an army. The meaning implies five types of great men. Naturally a really powerful Yoga would be a rare phenomenon. Emphasis is laid on the world balislita so that if a planet is weak by debili- tation, association or aspect the Yoga does not operate in its real sense, though nominally, it may exist.

Here importance is attached to the de facto rather than de jure presence of the Yoga. Out of the several horoscopes given above illustrating the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, excepting Nos. Ruchaka Yoga is caused by the strong disposi- tion of Mars in a Kendra identical with his own or exalted sign. Ruchaka Yoga makes one martial, a leader of men, a great Commander, an aggressive but a patriotic ruler or an equal.

Mars is rendered extremely powerful by conjunction with the Sun, lord of the 10th and Saturn a Yogakaraka and Mercury lord of the 9th. Mars is no doubt very powerful but highly malefic- So Ruchaka Yoga is present in all its strength but because Mars is subject to the other evil rays, there is an element of destructiveness in this Yoga.

Ruchaka Yoga made the native daring, extremely aggressive, arrogant, a great leader and the greatest ruler and tyrant of modern times leading his country to BHADRA YOGA 51 abysmal depths of destruction. Though born m humble circumstances, he became ruler of a most powerful country and a whole continent trem- bled before his mite and power of destruction.

Mercury must be very powerful as otherwise the presence of the combination will be simply de jure. J jKethu! Mercury is not subjected to any evil influences. Though the physical features of the person have partaken of the characteristics of the Lagna, in the matter of intellectual development, learning, wealth and generous instincts, Bhadra Yoga has been fully illustrated. Perhaps Budha is an exception. It should not be taken for granted that irrespective of the distance between the Sun and Mercury, Budha-Aditya Yoga would be present.

This combination is not, of course rare. A female born in this combination will be blessed with long-lived children and wealth; she will be of good behaviour. Obviously, one born in this combination will be really fortunate. The Lagna, the Sun and the Moon form the tripod of life ruling as they do the body, the soul and the mind respectively and when these three elements are diposed in odd or mascu- line signs, the person will be an ideal one.

Has risen by sheer merit. First of all, the lord of Lagna should be with the Moon. Lord of the sign occupied by the Moon should be in a very friendly sign or in Kendra aspecting the Lagna and the Lagna should have a strongly disposed planet. Pushkala Yoga in actual practice is full of significance inasmuch as it comprehends that Lagna, the lord of Lagna, the Moon and lord of Chandra Lagna should all be powerful. But there is no planet in Lagna. Subject to the absence of the third condition, Pushkala Yoga may be said to be present. The native has been enjoying all the blessings of this Yoga.

An absolutely favourable Yoga is an impossibility. Obviously, Lakshmi Yoga presumes the strength of lord of Lagna, Venus and the lord of the 9th. Lakshmi has predominantly to do with wealth and one born in this combination will be wealthy, the degree of wealth varying with regard to the degree of strength or weakness of the planets causing the Yoga. The definition given in Para c supra will producethe most powerful type of Lakshmi Yoga indicating immense wealth, while the mutual association of or aspect between the lords of lagna and the 9th in houses other than 3, 6 and 8 would also result in an ordinary type of Lakshmi Yoga which might be fortified by the presence of other Dhana Yogas.

Where a really strong Lakshmi Yoga is present, and this is indeed a rare phenomenon, the results will manifest fully. But in almost every horoscope of any pretence to wealth, Lakshmi Yoga in some form or other is likely to be found.

Sannyas Yoga (Vedic Astrology) with Example Horoscopes

Jupiter Balance of Budha Dasa at birth years But Venus though in his own house is not in a thrikona or kendra. Lakshmi Yoga is present. The native was the ruler of a small but independent state and he com- manded much wealth. Apart from what is given above, another school of Astrologers hold that Gauri Yoga is produced if the lord of the 9th and the Moon be posited in their own or exaltation signs identical with a trine or quadrant.

The view held by certain orthodox Pandits that Gauri Yoga will manifest only between the ages of 36 and 48, does not seem to be reasonable inasmuch as there is no special injunction warranting such a belief. We shall stick to the definition we have first propound- ed and deem that in order to cause Gauri Yoga, the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord should be in the 10th exalted. Such a defini- tion does not exclude the possibility of some other planet occupying the 10th house.

Saturn 1 Rahu i ; Venus 1 Jupiter I 1! Ketu j! In the above Chart, lord of the 10th is the Moon. He is in Sagittarius in Navamsa. The lord of this Navamsa is Jupiter and he is exalted in the 10th. Thus here is a typical horoscope illustrating the presence of Gauri Yoga. Bharathi Yoga is not quite a common combination.

Ketii Saturn Lagna j Venus Mer. M oon , Navamsa! Ketu Lagna'; 1 Moon Rasi R. The Lord of the 5th Venus is in the Navamsa of Gemini, the lord of which, viz. Thus this chart is a typical example of Bharathi Yoga. On account of other evil combinations, the significance of the Yoga in question has to be practically ignored. When Jupiter is in the 7th from the Moon, Gajakesari Yoga is caused while Jupiter being posited in the 12th from the Sun, results in Vasi Yoga so that in such cases, where two or more Yogas are merged together, the most powerful of the lot is to be taken into account.

Horoscopes of bank cashiers, financial secretaries and exchequers could be advantageously studied. The lord of the 7th should be invariably exalted in the 10th, the lord of which in his turn must be in the 9th. Obviously Sree- natha Yoga can occur only in respect of Dhanas in which case Mercury, lord of the 7th could remain exalted in the 10th. For no other Lagna can the seventh lord remain exalted in the 10th.

Since the original writers have laid emphasis on the fact that the 7th lord should be in the 10th exalted, we have to conclude that the Yoga is a rare one and that it cannot arise with regard to any other sign of the Zodiac than Dhanas. If the definition could be extended to mean that the exalted 7th lord could also aspect the 10th, then Cancer and Thula could be included.

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Whether such a departure is permissible, I cannot yet say as the materials at my disposal are too in- adequate to admit of a definite opinion. Thus the Yoga beginning from the first is Lagna Malika, the one beginning from the fifth Putramalika and so on. The seven planets excluding of course Rahu and Kethu should occupy the seven houses contigu- ously from a Bhava in question. While the generality of Astrologers hold the view suggested above as regards the twelve kinds of Malika Yogas, Bhavartha Ratnakara makes a departure and suggests that the Malika Yoga should always commence from Lagna and be disposed within five to nine houses from Lagna.

According to thi-. Where Sankha Yoga is' present, the sixth lord also becomes beneficial inasmuch as by causing the Yoga, he must also be capable of producing the good results of the Yoga in his Dasa or Bhukthi. But still the blemish due to the sixth lord-ship must express itself by way of the native suffering from the machinations of debts, diseases or enemies.

I Saturn Venus! IvnDl Mars Mer. Moon Venus Mer. Sun Venus Kethu 1 Rahu Mer. In actual prac- tice, this Yoga seems to be a rare one. Some planet is exalted and he occupies some Navamsa. In addition to this, che lord of Lagna should also be powerful. In this horoscope, Jupiter an exalted planet is in Sagittarius. The lord of this is Jupiter him- self and he is in a kendra identical with his own exaltation. Even taking Venus lord of the Amsa in which Saturn another exalted planet is placed, we find that he is in a kendra identical with his own house while lord of Lagan is also Venus.

In a sense, therefore, Mridanga Yoga is present. The native is ruler of a vast Empire. The combination of the 9th and 10th loids constitutes in itself a powerful Raja Yoga and this occurring in the 2nd, com- bined with the Amsa lord, is indeed a powerful Dhana Yoga so that there is a blending of Raja and Dhana Yogas The combination implies that the 2nd house must be occupied by at least three planets and hence not of very frequent occurrence Chart No.

In this chart, Vishnu Yoga is more pio- nounced. Venus happens not only to be the lot d of the 10th but also loid of the amsi occupied by the 9th lord Mercury. Both Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd. The native has been enjoying almost all the blessings of this Yoga. He has e lined in lakhs Fie is in the good looks of some of the Indian princes and the British Government, he is highly learned, a brilliant statesman and a capable lawyer. It will be seen that in the formation of this yoga, all the natural benefics are involved.

Even here, the exact strength and signification of the yoga rests to a large extent upon a number of other horos- copic factors. Similarly when Cancer is the lagna, two conditions of the yoga would be absent as lords of the 9th and 11th, respectueh become Jupiter and Venus. Again ll lagna is Kanya or Dhanas, the yoga cannot be full, because in regard to Kanya, Mercury becomes lord of the 10th while in regard to Dhanus Mercurv and Venus become lords of the 10th and 11th so that the disposition of Venus and Mercury respectively in kendras from the lords of the 11th and 10th is not possible.

Therefore we may assume that Brahma Yoga is possible to the full extent in respect of all the signs except Aries, Cancer and Virgo; How- ever, it does not seem to be quite erroneous to, assume that even in respect of Aries,. Chart No 44 — Born on at p. J Ketu I! Maib Rahu i Moon! In the above horoscope, , J upiter is in a kendra from the lord of the 9th, viz. The third combination cannot obtain because Virgo is Lagna. Therefore Brahma Yoga is present with a slight variation. The native of the horoscope was a ruler of an Indian State and enjoyed all the results attributed to this yoga.

Though classical writers have attributed highly favourable results to this Yoga, I have my own doubts, which raav be due to want of sufficient experience. Ravi Yoga comprehends a point of contact be- tween the Sun, Saturn, the 10th and 3rd houses. The Sun should occupy the 10th, while the 10th lord should be m the 3rd with Saturn. For Mesh. In uew of the above explana- tions, one can easily ae that Rati Yoga is indeed ot rare occuucnce. Sun Venus j Mars.

He should occupy his Moola Thrikona with the lord of the 2nd and the ascend- ant lord must remain in exaltation. For Scorpio and Aquarius, since the second happens to be owned by Jupiter, the question of association with the spcond lord does not arise. In other words, this yoga, unlike Gaja Kesari, Vasi or Vesi, is subject to a law of periodicity, coming into effect only when Jupiter occupies the con- stellation of Moola. Chart No Kethu , Moon 1 i t i Lagna! Jupiter 1! Lord of Lagna, viz. Hence Go Yoga is present in the horoscope. The example is onh illustrative of the presence of the particular yoga.

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Mercury must occupy Navamsa Lagna. Such a Full Moon should be in the 9th with Jupiter and Venus. In other words, even Gajakesari Yoga gets merged into Gola, inasmuch as when Jupiter and the Moon are in conjunction, they would be supposed to be in a kendra from each other. All odd houses reckoned from Lagna should be free from occupation. This is one of the several Akriti Yogas dealt with by the great Varaha Mihira.

Success would be his watchword. As the sixth represents enemies, debts and diseases, when the 6th lord is debilitat- ed, all the indications of the sixth house would be on the minus side. Added to this exaltation of the 10th lord invests the horoscope with inherent' strength rendering it highly invulnerable. He had to deal with very rough and uncontrol- lable elements and the Jaya Yoga seems to have gone a long wav m enabling him to enlist the sympathies of millions of people for his cause. There are of course othei strong elements m the horoscope.

The fifth house becomes the focal point. The man will also be capable of producing a large number of children. Suryanarain Rao, would be of inestimable help to students of astrology. The Yavanas have extensively treated with Nabhasa Yogas. Ishu Yoga Sakti Yoga Datxia Yoga Definition. Ishu makes one successful as a superintendent or head of a jail, concentration camp, etc. Thus, if all the planets are placed in Lagna, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses, Yupa is caused ; in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, Ishu or Sara is produced ; in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, Sakti is caused and in the 10th, 1 1th, 12th and 1st Danda is caused.

Personally, we are of opinion that ail these various Aknti yogas do not contribute much to the making of the horoscope In fact they seem to give rise to clues as regards the means of In ehhood one is likelv to have Thus, for instance, Ishu yoga, said to be caused by the seven planets occupying the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th houses is common in the horoscopes of persons who may have anything to do with prisons, lock-ups, concentration camps, etc Of course these deductions are based on our own observations and readers have to view them with due reserve.

Mars Rahu j , Lagna Rasi H. Ijupiter Mars Sun Mei. Rahu i Mer. Whether the various Nabhasa Yogas can have an independent effect on the horoscope or they get themselves mixed up with other Yogas, we shall discuss on a subsequent occasion. Out of the four yogas mentioned above, Yupa and Danda are better than Ishu and Sakti because in the latter two, planets are about to culminate or about to set. Kuta Yoga. Chhalra Yoga, Chapa Yoga. Kuta, Chatra and Chapa Yogas are produced. Chatra Yoga produces a happy individual while one born in Chapa becomes brave and happy in the first and last periods of his life.

The seven planets should occupy the seven houses without a break from lagna, fourth house, seventh and tenth houses to produce the four kinds of yogas. Apart from the results ascribed by the classical writers, we may make a few observations. In regard to Nav Yoga 79 , all the planets will be in the invisible sphere of the heavens. It seems to be generally productive of good and to have a bearing on the native having to do with water, watery places and aquatic substances. In regard to Kuta, when all the planets will be in the seven houses from the fourth, it will be more or less an equal distribution of planets in the visible and invisible halves of the zodiac.

The mative may frequent caves, mountains, etc. Robbers, drunkards, cheats and others may have this com- bination. In Chatra Yoga, all the planets will be in the visible half and hence may be deemed to be favourable. The native will be happy in the beginning and end of his life. He will possess great strength of mind and will earn much wealth.

In Chapa Yoga all the planets will be in the 10th and subsequent houses and one born in this yoga will lead a comfortable life delighting in good deeds. Ardha Chandra Yoga Definition. Consequently there are eight kinds of Ardha Chandra Yogas, the planets occupying i from 2nd to 8th, ii 3rd to 9th, iii 5th to 11th, iv 6th to 12th, v 8th to 2nd, vi 9th to 3rd, vii 11th to 5th and viii 12th to 6th. Chakra Yoga Definition. He will command respect and submission from others and he will earn and spend well. The combination is not a rare one. So far as the results are concerned, the Yoga cannot produce rulers or emperors, but one who has this combina- tion would certainly become an entity amongst his own people.

Gada Yoga. Sakata Yoga. Vihaga Yoga. Results : — Gada Yoga makes one highly reli- gious and wealthy ; Sakata renders one poor and unhapyy in domestic life ; and one born in Vihaga will be a vagrant, quarrelsome and mean. Remarks : — A study of the Nabhasa Yogas outlined in Brihat Jataka and the comments made by Varahamihira clearly reveals that at- tempts had been made to assess clearly the strength due to every conceivable combination. Gada Yoga is caused when the planets occupy two successive kendras. Four varieties are to be seen in this viz.

It is clear from the above that Gada Yoga and its variations, which the Yavanas recognise as four distinct yogas, are nothing but the disposition of all the planets in mutual square aspects. Of -course Rahu and Kethu are omitted. The effects of Gada Yoga are assumed to be good so that the Western astrological theory that square aspects are all evil, has no warrant in Hindu astrology.

Sakata Yoga is said to arise by the disposition of all the planets in the lagna and the 7th. Sakata will make one derive his livelihood by manual labour ; he will be sickly and his wife will be quarrelsome. Vihaga means a bird and Vihaga Yoga is caused if all the planets are in the 4th and 10th houses Evil results are attributed to this combi- nation. The native is said to be a vagrant and in modern parlance the yoga must be common in the horoscopes of travelling agents or guards of trains who are required to be always moving.

One who has a powerful Vihaga Yoga is said to become a tale-bearer also. It is evident that the ancient writers have attributed evil results for opposition aspects though certain yogas such as Gajakesari must have been treated as exception. The results due to a single Yoga or a combination of yogas are always dependent upon the inherent strength of the horoscope. Saturn Sun J l Kethu! Venus Sun Moon Mors Ke.

Ven Mer. In the horoscope given above all the planets are in the 4th and 10th houses so that it is a typi- cal illustration of Vihaga Yoga. Vajra Yoga. Yava Yoga. In the former, benefics will be found in the ascendant and the descendant,, and malefics in the-meridian and the nadir while NABHASA YOGAS in the other, the lagna and the descendant must have malefics and the meridian and the nadir should have benefics. Even in the production of results the difference between the two yogas is hardly worth attention, for while Vajra makes one fair, brave and happy, the effects of Yava are restricted to a particular period of life, viz.

If one makes a serious attempt to study a number of horoscopes, he will not be slow in appreciating one important truth, viz. These two yogas are not after all very important, because often times their influences become merged with those of other more powerful yogas. Moon 1 Rasi! Sringhataka Yoga. Hala Yoga. If planets are confined to other triangular houses, Hala Yoga arises.

Planets must invariably occupy the 1st, 5th and 9th houses. Lagna repre- sents body, the 5th indicates progeny and the 9th suggests fortune in general. If these three houses are well fortified, then the native will have a smooth career, progeny and success in life. One born m Sringhataka is said to be happy in his later life.

With due deference to the sages who have attributed this result, I have to observe that the period of happiness depends upon the stress laid on any one of the trines by virtue of a larger number of benefics being placed in it. Thus if the stress is on the lagna, the beginning of life will be happy ; if in the 5th, the middle part of life ; and if on the 9th, the last part.

This is a simple observation that any student of astrology could conveniently carry on. Consistent with this meaning, Hala Yoga is said to make one an agriculturist. Three variations can be seen m this Yoga. All the planets may occupy a the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, b the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses and c the 4th, 8th and 12th houses. Moon L.. The above horoscope is an example of Sringhataka Yoga. Kamala Yoga. Vapee Yoga. Vapee makes one a hoarder of money. Kendras are strong holds in a horoscope and when all the four kendras are occupied, the horoscope is rendered highly power- ful.

Kamala Yoga lays emphasis on fame, virtue, and prestige as different from mere earning capacity. Vapee, which means a well, on the other hand is said to make one mean, trickery and always pine for and hoard wealth. Panaparas are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th and Apoklimas are 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th.

The planets should occupy exclusively all the Panaparas or all the Apoklimas. Chart No- Mars Rabu Rasi Sun. It is a typical example for Vapee Yoga. Samudra Yoga. Yogas like Vajra and Yava which require the positions of the planets exclu- sively in kendras do not seem to have the approval of Varahamihira. The possibility or otherwise of Vajra, Yava and similar yogas which require mutual angular dispositions of the Sun and Mercury and Venus depends upon whether these yogas refer to the positions of planets in the Rasichakra or Bhavachakra.

If the former, as is clearly implied by the latter Bhavana used by Mihira which means a sign, then the Sun can never be in a kendra from Mercury or Venus. Therefore the ancient writers have not eired if the Vajra and Yava Yogas refer to the positions in the Bhava Chakra. Vallaki is also known as Veena Yoga.

All the seven planets should be disposed of in any seven signs. It will be seen, as would be shown subsequently that some times Sankhya Yogas actually coincide with Akriti Yogas already discussed above. In such cases, Sankhya Yogas lose their individuality and they should not be considered at ail.

There seems to be some justification in adopting this course, because in almost every horoscope since all the seven planets will have to occupy any seven, or less than seven rasis, Sankhya Yoga must be present in some form or the other. Provided no- other Nabhasa Yoga is present, then alone- Sankhya Yogas have to be reckoned. Vallaki and the six other Yogas to follow, belong to the- category of Sankhya Yogas. Rasi Lagna Sun Venus Navamsa! The above is a typical illustration of Vallaki or Veena Yoga for all the seven planets Rahu and Ketu excepted have occupied any seven Rasis.

Whether the Yoga is able to independently func- tion or has been absorbed by some other more powerful Nabhasa Yoga, the reader can easily find out. Damini Yoga. Results — The person will be highly charitable, always helping others and a protector of cattle. Remarks : — In ascribing results to these Yogas, classical writers have differed from each other. For instance, the effects given above for Damini are based on Varahamihira while Sara- vali glorifies the Yoga considerably. Damini or Dama Yoga seems to give a man intellect, fame and wealth also.

Of course, the exact nature of the effects depends upon the general disposition of the chart. IT 35' E. Rah u Jupiter. Venus Rasi 5. But yet, a careful examination of the two reveals that chart No. In point of fame and wealth, Chart No. Such illustrations furnish clues as to how the same Yoga can operate in different ways m differ- ent horoscopes. Pasa Yoga. Definition : — The planets should occupy any five signs. Results : — The person will acquire wealth through right means and he will always be sur- rounded by friends, servants and relatives.

Remarks : — Saravali suggests that one born in Pasa Yoga will suffer from incarceration. This statement should not be taken in its face value. Pasa Yoga in itself cannot make one a prisoner unless there are other combinations indicating the same event. Sun Jupiter Kethu i Navamsa Merc. Jupiter Kethu Rasi i! Venus Mer. Both the above horoscopes are examples of Pasa Yoga. The tenth house has received no other benefic aspect. The disposition of Pasa Yoga may have also contributed its share of evil in making the subject undergo imprison- ment.

The native of the horoscope is a Joint Secretary in the Government of India and has been getting on very well. These illustrations are provided with a view to driving home to the reader that great care must be exercised in sifting the evidence furnished by different combinations.

In both the horoscopes the sweeter aspects of Pasa Yoga have manifested considerably. Kedara Yoga. Hala Yoga, [vide page No. Similarly Kedara also is said to make one an agriculturist. The pre- sence of Kedara can easily be recognised and hence no illustration seems to be called for. Sula Yoga. Yuga Yoga.